CJFC Coaching Arrangements for Season 2018

Please note Coaching Expression of Interests should be received by this Tuesday 8th August .

CJFC Coaching Arrangements for Season 2018

As part of planning for Season 2018 we are seeking expressions of interest for Coaching roles in 2018. If you would like to discuss these opportunities and find out further information in relation to coaching please contact either and Peter Scott at David Kenny  or Paul Townsend 

Current coaches should also email Peter or David with their intentions.

Could you please ensure your expression of interest to Coach is received by Tuesday 8th August. 

The club has traditionally appointed a Coach and Assistant Coach drawn from existing parents, however please note the positions are open for other interested parties (eg – Aspiring Juniors/Students wishing to gain experience).

In 2018 we are eager for additional coaching support for all teams – eg: Skills Coaching, Trainee Coach etc. hence if you feel you can contribute to a larger coaching panel please express an interest.

Just to clarify the current policy on coaching, the general tenure of coaching a specific team is two consecutive years, we then open the roles to other interested candidates to ensure we allow as many individuals the opportunity to coach. Dependent on other interested and qualified candidates, coaches who have coached for two consecutive years are still welcome to apply for the position again.

Please note that from time to time circumstances of coaches availability to coach a second year may change therefore you are encouraged to express an interest.

It is also current policy that anyone wishing to Coach must be prepared to gain their Level 1 Coaching Certificate as a minimum (paid for by the club) at the beginning of the Season. Coaches are expected to embrace the Club philosophies, Code of Conduct and Policies for Junior Football.

We encourage you to contact either Peter Scott, David Kenny or Paul Townsend if you are considering Coaching. It is a wonderful way to become part of the Club and your children’s sporting endeavours.

Canterbury Junior Football Club – 2017 Committee