Boroondara Hawks Club

Club Overview

In 2008, foundation and stakeholder clubs Canterbury Junior Football Club, Balwyn Junior Football Club, and Hawthorn Citizens Junior Football Club together formed the Boroondara Hawks.

The intention of this amalgamation was to provide a quality, well-resourced and specifically tailored football program for 15,16 and 17 year old boys, providing a pathway for the players of the stakeholder clubs to senior football.

The core objectives of the Club are to provide players with:


The Chance to Participate:

  • To continue to play football at their right level, commensurate with their development and skills.
  • To continue playing a quality standard of football, by individual and team development.
  • To continue to play with friends while also meeting new friends.
  • To accommodate the pressures of school life to allow the ongoing involvement in Club football.


The Opportunity to Improve Skills and Knowledge:

  • To identify specific skill requirements and implement skill development sessions
  • To match current skills and abilities to game situations.
  • To provide players with an opportunity to participate in and to learn different positional plays
  • To provide players with opportunities to play different roles within the team set plays


The Experience of Quality Coaching Programs:

  • By providing quality skills coaching and analysis based on the individual ability of each player
  • By the implementation of a structured skill development program- with identified targets, through    the use of an age related Coaching Curriculum
  • That fast track skill and knowledge development
  • That introduce team set plays and tactics.


Players and parents will:

  • Become members of the Boroondara Hawks as well as maintain membership of Canterbury
  • Continue Players game participation records uninterrupted, with game tallies at the Hawks being added to their tallies at Canterbury in order for game milestones to be recognised.
  • Be provided with game day and walk out uniforms that acknowledge Canterbury Junior Football Club
  • Participate in social programs at the Hawks as well as continue to participate at functions at Canterbury

Further Information

Boroondara Hawks Junior Football Club