Canterbury Cobras Auskick Program 2018

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Season Launch - Coming Soon

For all interested boys and girls from Kinder to Grade 2.

The NAB AFL Auskick program makes learning to play AFL fun, safe and easy for boys and girls. Through weekly coaching sessions they will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment. 

Children will learn the fundamental motor skills vital for future physical activity and sport participation as well as learning how to interact with other children as part of a team in small group activities.

The program also provides a great opportunity for parents to interact with their kids through the activities, have the opportunity to make new friends, learn about the game and spend quality time with their children.

Canterbury Cobras Auskick is a fun and friendly place to start your AFL journey, our sessions kick off at 9 am Saturday mornings at the Canterbury Sports Ground, Guildford Road, Surrey Hills and run for approx 90 mins. There's heaps of fun activities for kids and parents, so why don't you join us?

It's easy too register for Canterbury Cobras Auskick, you can also click here to visit the Auskick website and click Register. Entering 3127 as your postcode, you will see the link to Canterbury Cobras Centre.

Canterbury Sports Ground (CSG), Guildford Road, Surrey Hills 3127

Season Launch - Coming Soon

Got any questions? Contact Centre Co-ordinator Omar Sali on 0431 566 252