2017 CJFC Award Recipients

Under 8 BLACK

Hugh Murchie  -  Best and Fairest 

Nicholas Rigby  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Zac Cheevers  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Oscar Cooper  -  Coaches Award   

Rhys Gawel  -  Most Improved 


Under 8 RED

Jake Casey  -  Best and Fairest 

Max Pavey  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Austin Castle  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Roy Legge  -  Coaches Award   

Charlie Steventon  -  Most Consistent


Under 9 BLACK

Nicolas Phillips  -  Best and Fairest 

Zac Howes  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Hugh Hedding  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

James Devlin  -  4th Best and Fairest   

Jack Harrington  -  5th Best and Fairest


Under 9 RED

Ethan Higgins  -  Best and Fairest 

Matthew Ellis  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Dylan Hodges  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Henry Roga  -  Coaches Award   

Chester Tymms  -  Most Courageous


Under 9 YELLOW

Sam Hawkins  -  Best and Fairest 

Owen Barnett  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Flynn Woolhouse  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Will Mitchell  -  Coaches Award   

Ben Dewaele  -  Most Improved


Under 10 

Sam Grlj  -  Best and Fairest 

Ned LaMotte  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Toby Corr  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Henry Cumming  -  4th Best and Fairest   

Mitchell Hedley  -  Coaches Award 


Under 11 BLACK

Sam Campitelli  -  Best and Fairest 

Tom Bromhead   -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Sam Pitot  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Pat Lynch  -  4th Best and Fairest   

Max Newdick  -  5th Best and Fairest


Under 11 RED

Ryder Cheesman  -  Best and Fairest 

Luca Trimmatis  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Elloit Walker  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Dane Godlee  -  Coaches Award   

Jamison Smith  -  Most Consistent 


Under 12 BLACK

Cruz McAuliffe  -  Best and Fairest 

Adam Rizzo  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Matthew Marcun  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Sebastian Hood  -  4th Best and Fairest   

Quentin Parry  -  5th Best and Fairest 


Under 12 RED

Cameron Parker  -  Best and Fairest 

Nik Habal  -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

James Dixon  -  3rd Best and Fairest 

Toby Griffith  -  Coaches Award

Nick Grace  -  Most Improved


Under 13 

Alex Noumertzis  -  Best and Fairest 

Conor Lynch   -  Runner Up Best and Fairest

Kobe Vitacca  -  3rd Best and Fairest

Lachie Ross  -  Coaches Award    

Luke O'Brien  -  Most Improved


Under 14

Will Townsend  -  Most Valuable Player 

Baxter House  -  Runner Up Most Valuable Player

Riley Spagnol  -  3rd Most Valuable Player

Callum Rutledge  -  Cobras Spirit Award   

Ben Grlj   -  Outstanding Team Player




U12 Rising Star Awards

Cruz McAuliffe

Sam Phillips

Adam Rizzo


U14 Club Champion

Will Townsend


Life Membership

John Rutledge

The Townsend Family


Peter Cook Best Clubman Award

Lyndal Quartel